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Ashley Anderson Porta

The Porta chair is a fully equipped Rise & Recline chair which will enable you to easily and safely stand residents to their feet.  It will also allow you to transport them easily from room to room in comfort, it is designed to fit through standard doorways, it also has a side transfer lift up arm on both sides of the chair for wheelchair users if required.


It is built with residential and nursing care homes in mind to assist carers in reducing moving and handling tasks.

Pressure care options are available!

  • Ideal solution for care or nursing homes with handy lifting arms for easier transfer
  • Safety battery feature for power cuts
  • Water-proof and extra cushioning fabric
  • Transfer patients or loved ones safely & easily

Approximate Size

Seat Height 21” (53 cm) Seat Width 20” (51 cm) Seat Depth 21” (53 cm) Maximum Weight 20st (127 kg) Chair Height 46” (117 cm)