Rise and recline chairs can either be bespoke (made to measure) or mass produced (standard sizes). Mass produced chairs from high street retailers tend to come in standard sizes which may or may not be suitable for you or your requirements. They do not have the same build quality as a chair supplied by our specialists, and they certainly will not take into consideration any additional health problems of the user. When purchasing a Rise and Recline chair, it is imperative that you have the correct seat size dimensions in order to achieve comfort, postural support and the correct seating position. Unfortunately, this is often not achieved when purchasing standard seating from high street suppliers.

Over the years we have seen many clients purchase standard seating to later realise their chair is not suitable for them. We encourage you to get it right first time, by speaking to our specialists we can ensure that you do not waste money on a poor fitting chair, and that you are supplied with a chair which will support you for many years to come, providing a long term solution.