The Kinder Medica NHS Children’s Chair

  • Paediatirc care
  • Postural support for comfort
  • Aids core stability
  • Easy to manoevre
  • Manual or motorised
  • Adjustable tilt in space
  • Adjustable seat depth {13”·19”)
  • Adjustable seat width {10” -16”
  • Adiustable leg elevation 
  • Adjustable back rest angle 
  • Adjustable seat rake 
  • Four adjustable locking castor
  • Wing handles for easy manoeuvre 
  • Wipe clean vinyl outer covering
  • Twist dip and press stud coverings 
  • Fabric covering options for hospital care or home care 
  • Optional upgrade to a motorised chair with a 6 button handset.


The Kinder Medica is a NHS Children’s Chair that has been designed to meet the needs of children. It also is suitable for young adults or petite adults who have special requirements. The portable Kinder Medica can be used in a variety of care environments. It provides dynamic tilt-in-space and incredible adjustability to help the user achieve optimal comfort and postural support. This model can be finished using fabrics designed for hospital use or for homecare. The Kinder Medica is a NHS Children’s Chair  is available as a manual or a motorised chair.

Using the manual Kinder Medica seat adjustments are altered using a pull pin or hydraulic gas lever. This can be upgraded to a motorised chair where the seat adjustments are controlled electronically using a 6 button handset. This includes the tilt in space, leg elevation and the back rest angle. 

The wide range of adjustments helps the user to achieve a correct and comfortable seated position with significant postural support. Harnesses for the chest, lap and groin are also available in addition to ankle positioning straps. This provides excellent support and safety for those with more complex needs. 

Our standard chair is supplied with a Systam-Gel seat cushion and overlay. This provides (high dependency grade 3 pressure relief). There is an optional upgrade to dynamic alternating air cell cushions for (very high dependency grade 4).