Rise and Recline Chairs in Stourbridge

Procare Mobility offer a range of rise and recliner chairs for the home

Are you struggling to find comfort in your everyday chair, or do you struggle to get up out of it? It may be time to look at an electric rise and recline chairs from Procare Mobility. These easy to use, affordable British made rise and recline chairs will make a huge difference to your everyday comfort.

There is a bewildering array of rise and recliner chairs on the market. So many in fact that many people are simply overwhelmed at the choice. At Procare Mobility we are here to help you make that decision and find the right chair for you. From our 30 years of experience in the industry we have gained an enviable reputation of delivering solutions for our customers. Our customers trust us for our impartial information, in depth knowledge and the willingness to go that extra mile.

The benefits of a rise and recline chairs

For those who have never purchased a Rise and Recline chair before, these are just some of the benefits of choosing a chair with Procare Mobility:

  • We provide free assessments to assess your needs from the comfort of your own home
  • Our chairs are made to measure
  • Our chairs offer best comfort and take into account an individual’s specific needs
  • We provide high quality chairs that are made in Britain
  • Why Should I Buy a Rise and Recline Chair?
Procare Rise and recline specialist chair

Rise and recline chairs for when we are older

As we grow older our bodies simply may not have the capability to push us up from a seated position. There are many reasons for this, old age, health problems or weakened knee’s, hips or back problems. If you struggle to lift yourself in to a standing position pain free, then it is time to talk to us.

Historically we purchase chairs throughout our lives that are too low, too deep and too wide. As we grow older our posture changes and our ability to stand from these types of chairs become very difficult. It’s not until we get to a certain age or have certain conditions that we realise we need assistance to get out of our chair.

Do you do any of the following?

  • Do you slump to one side in your chair?
  • Does your seat cushion lack support so that you sink too far down?
  • Do you then struggle to get back up?
  • Do you need assistance to help you get out of the chair? Or maybe you reach for someone’s hand to help you?
  • Do you fall into your chair?
  • Do you sleep in your chair because it’s easier than getting up to go to bed?

If you do any of the above, this may indicate that your current seating lacks the support you need. Over time this can change your posture and put strain on your knees and hips, create painful pressure areas, cause breathing and indigestion problems or cause fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

At Procare, we assess a user’s specific needs and advise the best solution based on our findings, and build rise and recline chairs that is perfect for you, to help prevent these risks.

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Why should I buy a rise and recline chairs from Procare as opposed to a high street supplier?

Rise and recline chairs can either be bespoke (made to measure) or mass produced (standard sizes). Mass produced chairs from high street retailers tend to come in standard sizes which may or may not be suitable for you or your requirements. They do not have the same build quality as a chair supplied by our specialists, and they certainly will not take into consideration any additional health problems of the user. When purchasing a Rise and Recline chair, it is imperative that you have the correct seat size dimensions in order to achieve comfort, postural support and the correct seating position. Unfortunately, this is often not achieved when purchasing standard seating from high street suppliers.

Over the years we have seen many clients purchase standard seating to later realise their chair is not suitable for them. We encourage you to get it right first time, by speaking to our specialists we can ensure that you do not waste money on a poor fitting chair, and that you are supplied with a chair which will support you for many years to come, providing a long term solution.

We will support you from start to finish, and will help you find the perfect seating solution for you to improve your everyday comfort and quality of life.

Call the Procare Team and find out how we can help you or a loved one today