The Procare Mobility Wheelchair Range

If you are looking to buy a wheelchair then it is good to know that here at Procare Mobility we offer a little more.

Our wheelchair range has everything. Lightweight, folding or heavyweight models. A new wheelchair could be just the right thing to enjoy a little more life. At Procare Mobility we go a little further than most, we take time to ensure that your Wheelchair choice is absolutely right for you.

British made Wheelchair Range

We sell high quality British made wheelchairs, including premium self-propelled manual wheelchairs. You can view out wheelchairs here but we do not sell online. This because a wheelchair is not a one size for all. Use our extensive experience and knowledge to help choose the right wheelchair for you. Call us today and talk to people who will ensure you have the right wheelchair for your needs.

What makes our Wheelchair Range so special

The history of the wheelchair shows us how technological advancements have been driven by the changing demands, circumstances and ingenuity of wheelchair riders throughout time.

Today is no diferent. We source our wheelchair range from some of the best UK companies, experts in their field. They offer unique design and advanced engineering with groundbreaking technology offering you better solution and flexibility to your mobility needs.

Our wheelchair range are all made to measure to offer optimum comfort, reliability and extended use. We have over 30 years of expertise and a wheelchair range that delivers better mobility. Do not take a chance buying of the shelf, because we offer a fast, friendly service from a family firm that includes a full assessment, measuring, delivery, guidance and full after sales support.

Our wheelchair range include

Self Propelled Wheelchairs
Transit Wheelchairs
Travel Wheelchairs
Bariatric Wheelchairs
Outlet Wheelchairs
Wheelchair range Accessories
Powerchair Accessories
Ramps – Standard And Folding
Ramps – Threshold
Outlet Ramps
Car Boot Hoists

Find out how our wheelchair range can help you today.