Rea Azalea Wheelchair

  • Excellent seating comfort and adjustments 
  • 25 degree seat & 30 degree backrest recline and tilt-in-space 
  • Comfortable and sage resting position 
  • Large choice of accessories 
  • Individualized support for patients back with the Flex 3 tension backrest 

The Rea Azalea is the first choice for Tilt-in-Space wheel-chairs, designed to manage all aspects of postural sup-port and comfort. The seating system is versatile with its wide choice of options and adjustments, with possibilities of both transit or self-propel rear wheels. It has been de-veloped into a family of models suitable to meet the re-quirements of every individual, making the Rea Azalea the market leader in Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs. 


Rea Azalea wheelchair

Outstanding adjustment with superior comfort no wonder the Rea Azalea wheelchair in the market leader

The Invacare Rea Azalea wheelchair is designed to accommodate a range of positioning requirements. Both tilt and recline are easily adjusted by attendant gas pistons for light and effortless positioning. An optional electric controlled version offers independent control of posture and comfort. Adjustments are abundant on the Rea Azalea, with every aspect of the wheelchair and seating system adaptable for the perfect level of support and postural management. 

Stability is a strong feature of the Rea Azalea delivering exceptional safety and confidence for the client with unique DSS (Dual Stability System) built into every wheelchair. When tilting and reclining, the seating system moves forward and down inside the frame. This weight shifting guarantees exceptional stability is maintained, even when in full tilt and recline.

Additionally, the pivot points of the Rea Azalea match the natu-ral pivot points of the person for synchronised movement between the body and wheelchair, reducing the risk of sheer and pressure. 

Flex 3, Backrest Plate: Sturdy and adaptable, the Flex 3 backrest plate provides support, with both width and height adjustment. Available with a range of postural support cushions 

Flex 3, tension adjustable backrest: Built to accommodate more complex spinal shapes, it offers multiple adjustments suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Available with a padded cover to compliment the contours of the tension straps or a range of postural support cushions. 

Rea Azalea wheelchair offers wide range of options

In addition to the multiple adjustments in the chair, the Azalea boasts a large assortment of options and accessories, guaranteeing a solution for a wide range of postural challenges. 

Rea Azalea wheelchair Seat tilt and Backrest recline:

The Rea Azalea features 25-degrees of seat tilt and 30-degrees of backrest recline to support a range of position-ing requirements. 

Rea Azalea wheelchair Rear wheels:

Transit wheels are available for attendant propulsion, or a variety of self-propel wheels are possible for the moderately active indi-vidual.