The Whittington – Best Selling Dual Rise and Recline Chair

  • Dual rise and recline chair
  • Dual Tilt-in-space
  • Luxurious padded arms
  • Waterfall back cushions
  • Optional upgrade to Thoracic Backrest and Gel Seat Base
  • Available in a range of sizes, colours, fabrics and leathers
  • Made in Britain


The Whittington – Best Selling Dual Rise and Recline Chair

A Best Selling Dual Rise and Recline chair designed with dual tilt-in-space and luxurious cushioning

The Whittington is a bestselling Rise and Recline chair which has been beautifully built with a supportive head cushion and matching arm rests. The luxurious seat cushioning and buttoned back make this one of the most elegant riser recliners, which looks beautiful in a variety of house settings.

Ergonomically designed and made to your specific size requirements, we ensure that you are fully supported with the correct seat height, depth and width, creating the perfect armchair for you and your future.

What does the Whittington Dual Rise and Recline Chair Offer?

The deep, luxurious padding offers excellent comfort and incredible support to help you find the perfect seated position. With the touch of the button this chair will effortlessly lift you to your feet to prevent any strain on your arms, hips and legs, which is essential for the elderly and those with limited mobility. When it’s time to relax, you can simply take the weight off your feet and recline your chair by using the handset. We will fit your chair to ensure your legs are fully supported so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and support whether you are reading, resting or watching the television.

The recliner adjusts in a wide variety of positions for effortless transitions, which is controlled using a simple handset which drives a near silent low-voltage motor. Finding your most comfortable position couldn’t be easier!