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The Millenium

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The Millennium is a traditionally designed Tilt-in-Space Dual Rise & Recline chair.  It has stylish curved wings which give support to the waterfall back cushions or the thoracic/lateral support back rest cushions (new style) not shown in this picture.

The two action “Tilt-in-Space” is a widely used movement but now has the facility to move the backrest independently so you have a dual action and a two-way movement all in one, where before you would have to choose between the two.


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The back rest is a Waterfall or thoracic lateral support back with adjustable filling called Dacron or memory foam.  The pillows are attached onto the back rest with Velcro; the zipped pillows give easy access to the filling which can be manipulated to give soft moulded support.

Optional extras:

The patented electric lift up arm can be added to the Millennium allowing for wheelchair transfers.

3 options of pressure relief:

  1. Static air pressure relief can be added to the overlay to help prevent pressure sores
  2. Gel and memory foam for high dependency pressure relief “grade 3”
  3. Alternating active air cell cushions for very high pressure relief “grade 4”

You can choose between 3 shades of wood for the knuckle arm:

  1. Mahogany
  2. Medium Oak
  3. Natural beech