Attollo Medica Bariatric Motorised Chair

  •  Bariatric chair with tilt in space
  •  Leg elevation for Lympheodema
  • Posture support to aid breathing
  • Up to 60 stone user weight
  • Adjustable tilt in space
  • Adjustable seat depth (17”-21”)
  • Adjustable seat width (16”-20”) optional
  • Adjustable leg elevation 
  • Adjustable back rest angle 
  • Adjustable seat rake 
  • Four adjustable locking castors 
  • Wing handles for easy manoeuvre 
  • Wipe clean vinyl outer covering 
  • Vapour permeable four way stretch 
  • material on patient contact areas
  • Twist clip and press stud coverings


The Attollo Medica Bariatric Motorised Reclining Chair

A full feature medical, motorised reclining chair

The Attollo Medica is a motorised reclining chair designed to provide Bariatric clients with a modern, robust and multifunctional seating solution.  It provides enhanced functionality and movement. This chair proven success for clients with Lymphedema; Leg ulcers; Fluid reduction and those with cardio and breathing conditions. The Attollo is ideal as a static chair for clients returning to home care. Discharge Liaison Nurses find this a good recommendation for clients.

With options to seat clients between 25 and 60 stone. This chair provides excellent comfort and support for non-ambulant users who require a strong postural position and pressure relief.

The Attollo Medica Bariatric Chair offers tilt in space, back angle and leg elevation.  Using the handset this bariatric chair can be adjusted easily, creating smooth and comfortable transitions. Fitted with a re-chargeable battery power pack, the chair can be moved to any location without requiring a plug socket.

Supplied with a Systam-Gel seat cushion and overlay as standard. The Systam-Gel seat cushion provides high dependency (grade 3 pressure relief). There is an optional upgrade to dynamic alternating air cell cushions for (very high dependency grade 4 pressure relief)

Technical Information

General use

Stroke Ward
Orthopaedic Ward
General and Elderly Care Wards
Rehab and Recovery Ward
Those with pressure care requirements
I.T.U / A.E.U. Departments
Cancer Care Unit
Lung Function Unit
Coronary Care
Neurological Ward

Posture and Pressure Care Options

Thoracic lateral support back rest modules(press stud fix)
Interchangeable and removable pressure relief cushions
Grade 3 – Systam Gel Seat Base (High Dependency)
Grade 4 – Alternating Active Air Cell with Electric Pump (Very High Dependency)


Removable Footplate (90 degree fixed angle or adjustable angle)
Drip Stand
Oxygen bag/ stand
Catheter hook

Weight Limit

25-60 stone options


Various colours available