The Legacy

The Cura Legacy is a modern design independent Tilt-in-Space multi dual movement “modular chair” which boasts incredible adjustability to ensure that the user is always comfortable with good postural support.

The dimensions of the chair are all adjustable, the seat angle, the back angle, the seat depth and seat width can all be changed with ease, ensuring the client is seated correctly.  The seat width is adjustable from 16” to 20” and the seat depth can be adjusted between 17” and 21”, the seat rake has 3 position adjustments.

The Tilt-in-Space recline is reclined by means of a hydraulic gas mechanism trigger whilst the back rest angle is changed manually on a 7 point adjustment pull pin.  The legacy chair also features a hydraulic gas action leg rest elevation that is controlled by a pull lever at the side of the chair.

The back rest has options of thoracic lateral or butterfly thoracic support, this provides the best lateral support available to ensure the client’s core stability is maximised. Back rests can also be moulded for the individual’s body contours if required.

Optional footplates 90 degree fixed angle or 90 degree adjustable angle are available.

Pressure care seat systems;  the standard chair is supplied with a memory foam cushion and overlay as standard, upgrade options are for gel seat cushions and air cell cushions for high dependency grade 3 or dynamic alternating air technology cushions can also be used giving grade 4 very high dependency.

Main Features:

  • Manually- Fully Adjustable Seating Options
  • Tilt-in-Space multi-adjustable dual action chair
  • Adjustable Seat Width 16”-20”(Built in std)
  • Adjustable Seat Depth 17”-21”
  • Adjustable Back Rest Angle- Set and Lock
  • Adjustable 3 x position Seat Rake
  • Interchangeable Back Rest Support Options
  • Lateral Thoracic Support Cushions
  • Waterfall Support Cushions
  • Adjustable Height Leg Rest Elevation
  • Optional Arm Heights
  • User weight up to 18 stone (special heavy duty also available)
  • Four way stretch fabric colours
  • Adjustable Seat to Footplate Support (Optional Extra)
  • 90 Degree Fixed footplate (Optional Extra)
  • Angle Adjustable footplate (Optional Extra)
  • Wide Range of material options if required