The Cura Air Chair

  • Battery powered, three motor
  • Dual Action, tilt-in-space and recline action
  • Thoracic-support style back rest
  • Dacron filling for comfort and support
  • Velcro fastened head pillow
  • Zipped pillows for manipulation of fillings
  • Memory foam cushions


The Cura Air Chair

Incredible Cura Air Chair that has support for any size from children to bariatric

The Cura Air chair is a modern designed, independent tilt-in-space, multi dual movement care chair.  It has standard features but is also available to be adapted for any client type and size; Children through to Bariatric. Standard features are listed below followed by some of the Bespoke options available.

The Cura air chair back rest is a thoracic lateral support. It has an choice of adjustable filling, Dacron or memory foam which is attached with Velcro to the back of the chair.  There is also a detachable head pillow. This can be adjusted for contour via a zip in the back of the head rest allowing you to manipulate and mould for support.


  • Pressure relief: Static air cushion, gel seat cushions. Alternating air cushions, giving all options from low to very high pressure relief.
  • Adaptable for use with possum systems
  • Also available as 2 motor chair
  • Side transfer, lift/drop arm
  • Adjustable angle foot plates
  • Safety harnesses and lap belts,
  • I pad mounts and I pod docks built in