The Elevator, for Muscular Dystrophy and Wheelchair Users

  • Electric elevating arm rest options
  • Easy transfers to a wheelchair
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to operate
  • Height vertical lift options 26”, 32”, 37”
  • Dual action chair or tilt-in-space dual options
  • Independent leg rest and backrest
  • Interchangeable and removable pressure relief options
  • British made to order


The Elevator, for Muscular Dystrophy Clients and Wheelchair Users

A modern chair designed to support standing transfers, The Elevator is the best rise and recline chair for Muscular Dystrophy clients and Wheelchair Users

The Procare Mobility Elevator is a British made Rise and Recline chair designed with adjustable height and optional electric elevating arm rests for side transfers. Made with wheelchair users and Muscular Dystrophy clients in mind, this chair provides comfort and ease of use for the client as it has been made to meet their specific requirements.

The Elevator chair is designed for users who require a horizontal flat lift to assist them into a standing position. This is the most successful chair for clients with Muscular Dystrophy who have great difficulty standing using a conventional tilted forward lift on a rise and recline chair. The conventional chair is unsuitable as it forces the user’s feet firmly into the ground and exerts pressure on their hips and legs. The Elevator is designed specifically to meet the needs of Muscular Dystrophy clients as the horizontal flat lift will lift them into the standing position using a “drop in” technique, creating safer and more comfortable transitions and reducing pressure on the lower body.

The Elevator also has optional elevating armrests which benefits wheelchair users who require a chair that has a range of transfer heights. The chair can be supplied with single or double elevating armrests for side transfers, allowing the client to independently transfer themselves from different heights e.g. chair to wheelchair/ chair to commode.

The Elevator also has backrest options for lateral/thoracic support and posture and the option for pressure relief in the seat base/cushion.

Bespoke Options

  • Interchangeable back rest support options
  • Lateral thoracic support cushions
  • Waterfall support cushions
  • Wooden Knuckle options
  • Wide range of material options available
  • Four way stretch fabric colours